The Epic - Production Diary

14th April 2006

Sorry we've not gotten around to posting much in the diary, but today we finished shooting the bulk of the first part of the video. We just need to shoot the ending now which leads us into part 2.

After our first day of shooting back in Feb we weren't happy with some of the footage so we had to reshoot some of it, as well as shooting the beginning of the video.

Well, its all shot now, we just need to capture it, edit it, add the effects and add the music! It'll probably be finished by 2009....

Here's some pics from the day!

Tony, Ste and Cory

Ste senses a disturbance in the force...

Oh no its just Tony...

Cory and Ste

Tony being given direction by the magic finger

Ste with Bad Guy #3

A jedi craves not these things...... errr

Beware your friends may stab you in the back!

Utah Saints are reforming

Tony does a bit of filming in his bedroom.

A ransom note.... what could it mean?

Location scouting

Location scouting - Tony at one with nature